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How to attach side trays/buckets

How to attach side trays/buckets

“Open” Position – Not Recommended

This attachment style allows for more flexibility and you can remove the table top even with the side trays attached.

The trays are also more secure and don’t fall off easily thanks to the movement of the clasp that it’s attached to.

However, at the same time, the flexibility poses a risk to the hinges of the clasp snapping off if too much force is used, which is why we don’t recommend this attachment for those with babies or toddlers.

The majority of breakages in the clasps have occurred from younger kids attempting to forcefully insert or remove the side trays.

“Closed” Position – Recommended

This is our standard and preferred way of attachment. Once you lock the table clasp and hear a click, the bucket needs to be slotted in at an angle after the table clasp is locked in place.



In the closed position, the tray can get knocked off more easily than in the open position, but the benefit is that you don’t risk snapping off the table clasp.